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Call toll-free and inquire with one of our renowned staff.  Free of any charges we will accommodate your unique dialysis travel needs.  Assured comfort in our pre-qualified dialysis-clinics or any other destination of your choosing, our knowledgeable staff will prepare a delightfully relaxed dialysis travel experience.

We focus on managing everything around your dialysis needs. Please use your local travel agency to help you with the vacation/travel packages. We would like to offer our assistance to specific travel questions of your destination. Once you found a travel package of interest, we recommend to have your travel agent put a 24H complimentary hold on it, to allow us to manage your dialysis reservation.

For new patients it is recommended to fill out our online reservation form.

Here you will find a comprehensive list of clinics that accept the NHS/EHIC for payment.

Required tests and timeline:

four to maximum eight weeks prior to your arrival, the following tests results need to be provided:

Hep B, Hep C, HIV and MRSA.


Team holiday dialysis Dr.Berger

Browseable map of dialysis clinics

General travel advice for dialysis patients

You should take with you a recent copy of a chest x-ray and electrocardiogram report, a copy of your most recent laboratory tests, including an HIV test, and the results of a TB skin test. All of your immunizations should be current, including those for hepatitis B and the pneumonia vaccine. Some dialysis units have a policy against using a fax to send information about your HIV status and you may need to send it yourself. Have copies of your current medication list, a complete history and physical examination and your dialysis orders. Although your dialysis unit may send or fax this information, you should carry a copy with you at all times. Wear a medical alert nametag complete with your diagnosis in at least two languages.

Carry double amounts of all the medications that you will need during your trip. Keep one set of medication with you at all times, since luggage may be lost or delayed. Some patients like to take a box of disposable gloves, altough in Italy doctors use only disposable ones. It is also useless to take gauze and tape in case of breakthrough bleeding of your access and some antibacterial soap to clean your access prior to dialysis. A translation book with common phrases may be useful and you should familiarize yourself with terms you may need to get across to the medical staff, such as "I am short of breath," or "it hurts here."

If you are taking electrical equipment, like a cycler, be sure the electric outlets are compatible. When you send CAPD supplies outside the country, they may be held in customs for several days. Hotels may accept deliveries of supplies, but may also charge to hold the supplies until check-in. Take enough supplies with you to make it through several days and lost shipments.

Remember, planning is the key to a successful trip. Give yourself plenty of time to make all the necessary arrangements. Have fun and share your experiences with other dialysis patients.

How to contact holiday dialysis service Dr.Berger?

Holiday-Dialysis Dr.Berger

In the UK you can use our toll free phone numbers:

UK free call 0800-0124023

UK free fax 0800-0124024

office hours : Mo-Fr : 08:00 to 17:00 Sa. 10:00 - 12:00 Central European time

Patients from the Netherlands can use our Amsterdam office number:+31.20.8004910

Mo-Fr : 08:00 to 17:00 Sa. 10:00 - 12:00 Central European time

Patients from the United States can also reach us by phone using our US office numbers from 08am to 2pm Central time:

phone +1 888.679.8828 fax +1 713.513.5208 main +1 512.692.4901

CareExcel Solutions LLC Andrew Roberts

13710 Kingsride, Houston, Texas 77079, phone +1 713-339-9500 /

Patients from Canada can also reach us by phone using our Canadian office numbers from 08am to 2pm Central time:+1 647.478.7491

Patients from Sweden can also reach us on our local swedish number: +46 84 03 09 641

more ways to contact us can be found here:


New Dialysis Travel Magazine available January 17, 2014

The catalog shows the most popular European destinations.  A dialysis posting is not dependent on the time of booking a trip, you may do this in a travel agency near you - or at the online travel agencies - as you like.

We are happy to advise you on the appropriate destination for you or hotels nearby.

Ask for our free magazine.

Of course, we do NOT charge for the entire organization such as the collection and forwarding of the doctor's report and the settlement with the insurance company - you only have to pack your suitcase yourself.

If you have any questions - please call us or send an e-mail.

Come and meet us at the annual conference

NKF Annual Patients’ Conference 2009 - Details

Each year the NKF holds a 2-day conference attended by up to 500 patients, carers and sponsorship partners. It is a time when patients and carers can meet people involved in renal care to learn and discuss the latest developments in the treatment of kidney disease. There’s also plenty of opportunties for socialising.

The Programme includes:
The Conference will be opened by Paul Beerkens, President IFKF
Renal Innovation Initiatives Update
Advances in the Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome
Nocturnal Dialysis
Skin Issues
Reducing Uraemia through Exercise
Patient Speakers
Patient Question Time

Introduction to holidays for Kidney Patients

Most people need a break from time to time, and kidney patients are no exception! Holidays are a great way to reinforce the fact that you can still enjoy the good things in life as a kidney patient - and they also provide a welcome break for carers.

Business travel is also a common requirement of many jobs nowadays, and again there is often no reason why kidney patients should not be able to make business trips from time to time - either in the UK, or abroad.

For most patients - whatever therapy they are on - travel and holidays will be actively encouraged by the medical team, who will help with the arrangements. Of course it is essential that you check with your renal unit before planning or booking anything - even if you have had a transplant you will still need a letter from them confirming you are fit to travel in order to secure travel insurance, and advice on immunisation.

Travel for kidney patients on dialysis does require more planning, so last minute bookings are not a realistic option. However, the limitations in terms of where you can take a holiday and what sort of holiday you can take are probably far fewer than you would imagine. There is also plenty of help available to assist with the planning process and to help make sure you have a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

Please let us assist you


Dialysis Policy

Dialysis Policy Questionaire

Do you dialyse Hepatitis C Positive patients?

YES on separate machines

Do you dialyse HIV Positive patients?           

No we do not

Do you screen all your patients on a regular basis for Hepatitis B


Do you screen all your patients on a regular basis for Hepatitis C?   


Do you accept patients for free dialysis on production of Form E111?   


Do you make a charge?       

YES, treatments are invoiced directly to the trust.



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